Futurefarmers at The Guggenheim

Date & Time

START: 10:00 AM May 11, 2011
END: 5:45 PM May 14, 2011


Futurefarmers, a San Francisco–based art collective, creates projects that are diverse both in terms of production and in their strategies of audience engagement. Recent projects include lunchboxes that incorporate hydrogen-producing algae, antiwar computer games, and the Urban Garden Registry (2008), an online map of unused land sites in San Francisco that are feasible for gardening and food production.

If anything typifies a Futurefarmers project, it is the balance of both critical and optimistic thought and the use of both inventive and pragmatic design elements. In 2005, the group examined the vanishing art of shoemaking in the installation Shoelace Exchange. For the Guggenheim’s Intervals series the group further investigates this craft with a site-specific installation for the museum.

Futurefarmers opens their ten-day thinkery with Soul/Sole Sermons, delivered by contemporary writers in the shoemaker’s atelier. Futurefarmers will also venture outside the museum for more intimate public dialogues with contemporary thinkers throughout the city. The group will collect sidewalk dirt, the main ingredient for a Futurefarmers-made ink. Using this ink, passersby will print transcripts of the Soul/Sole Sermons and the public dialogues by foot in a series of participatory urban actions called the Pedestrian Press. This new work provides a poetic entry point and tools for audiences to gain insight into deeper fields of inquiry—not only to imagine, but also to participate and initiate change in the places where we live.

The exhibit runs from May 4-14, 2011.

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