Solar One & Green Edge NYC Solar Powered Film Series Week 2

Date & Time

START: 7:00 PM August 25, 2011
END: 11:00 PM August 27, 2011


Green Edge NYC and Solar One have teamed up for the fourth year in a row to bring New Yorkers free outdoor films for two weekends this summer. The Solar-Powered Film Series is the first in New York City to use the power of the sun to operate an outdoor “eco-theater.” The independent film venue integrates natural and human-made components of our urban environment creating the city’s “greenest” motion picture showcase. The series, held at Solar One’s outdoor location in beautiful Stuyvesant Cove Park, showcases a commitment to green energy by powering each screening with clean, renewable, carbon-free solar energy.

The second week will be more eclectic, starting with an evening with local bicycle activist and Friend of Solar One Matthew Modine, who will be showing a selection of his own short films; continuing with Dirty Business, and expose of the “clean coal” myth; and ending with Home, a beautiful and inspiring look at our one and only planetary home through gorgeous aerial photography and historical/evolutionary narration by Glenn Close.

All films are free and open to the public.

The Solar-Powered Film Series Week Two Line Up:

August 25 An Evening with Matthew Modine

Matthew Modine is a political activist and a passionate environmentalist. He is the founder of Bicycle For A Day (BFAD), a global initiative focused on promoting the use of bicycles for transportation to reduce carbon emissions and their poisonous effect on the environment. “Bicycling is one thing each of us can do that has an immediate positive impact on the environment. It also helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.”

In addition to being an internationally renowned actor, Matthew is also a filmmaker, writer, photographer. He has worked with many of the film industry’s most acclaimed directors on projects including Birdy, Full Metal Jacket, Married to the Mob, and Shortcuts and Showtime’s Weeds. He has been nominated for multiple Emmys and is the recipient of a Golden Globe Award, Venice Film Festival Volpi Cup and Golden Lion for his work as an actor. Matthew will be introducing and answering questions about his short films, as well as signing posters and other memorabilia after the screening.

When I Was A Boy (1993, 5 mins)
Written, edited, and produced by Matthew Modine
Directed by Matthew Modine and Todd Field

Smoking (1995, 14 mins)
Produced and directed by Matthew Modine
Written and narrated by David Sedaris

Ecce Pirate (1996, 21 mins)
Starring Chris Masterson, Richard Leaf, and Rex Linn
Written, photographed, and directed By Matthew Modine

To Kill An American (2005, 4 mins)
Written and directed by Matthew Modine

I Think I Thought (2007, 7 mins)
Matthew Modine wrote, co-produced, directed, and stars in this sardonically humorous short film co-produced and shot by Adam McClelland and edited by Terence Ziegler

Jesus Was A Commie Trailer (2011, 1:30 mins)
Matthew Modine’s new avant-garde short film premieres this October at the Hamptons International Film Festival. The film is co-directed and edited by Terence Ziegler and produced by Adam Rackoff.

August 26 Dirty Business (2010, 90 mins)
Can coal ever really be made “clean”? If we were to try to wean ourselves off coal, how would we keep the lights on? Is renewable energy ready for prime time?

August 27 Home (2009, 93 mins)
Over the past 200,000 years, humans have upset the balance of planet Earth, a balance established by nearly 4 billion years of evolution. Through visually stunning footage from over 50 countries, all shot from an aerial perspective, Yann Arthus-Bertrand shows us a view of our world that most of us have never seen.

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