Stargazing & Performance at ‘Reflecting the Stars’

Date & Time

START: 8:17 PM September 23, 2011
END: 10:17 PM September 23, 2011


to give New Yorkers a chance to experience the stars — Jon Morris, founder and artistic director of The Windmill Factory art collective, created ‘Reflecting the Stars,’ an installation of 201 wireless solar-powered LED lights on the decaying Pier 49 in the Hudson River. The lights beautifully recreate the night sky on the water, with each LED sparkling in the river.

On Friday, September 23rd, head to Pier 49 for a real session of real stargazing with the Amateur Astronomer’s Association and a site specific performance from “As The Globe Warms” by Heather Woodburry. You will also be able to meet the artist, Jon Morris, and installation programmer/Google Engineer, Adam Berenzweig.

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