Urban Design Week 2011

Date & Time

START: 9:00 AM September 15, 2011
END: 5:00 PM September 20, 2011


Urban Design Week is a brand new public festival created to engage New Yorkers in the fascinating and complex issues of the public realm, and to celebrate the streetscapes, sidewalks, and public spaces at the heart of city life. The event began in Spring 2011 with By the City/ For the City, an open-call ideas competition and a rich roster of discussions, tours, screenings, workshops, and events across the five boroughs. Hosted by the Institute for Urban Design, the collected ideas will be on display as an exhibit during the first ever Urban Design Week from September 15-20. The festival will highlight the fact that cities are made by collective effort, and that each of us can play a part.

To get involved or for more information, call 212-366-0780 or email [email protected]

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