Brooklyn Bridge Park


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Brooklyn Bridge Park may still be a work in-progress, but the beautiful open portions have already made it a must-see waterfront destination. Pier 1 offers striking views of downtown Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, and large, sloping grass lawns, perfect for picnicking. Plus, Pier 1 has a NYC Water Taxi stop, local food vendors, a wine bar, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, a small playground, and water gardens. The other open section, Pier 6 has four awesome themed playgrounds, guaranteed to fulfill every kid’s dream.

The park boasts a slew of green features, including a stormwater reclamation system used to irrigate the park, green roofs on gate houses and maintenance buildings, and partially solar-powered lighting. Recycled and reclaimed materials were used to create park structures, and all of the lawns are maintained organically. All vegetation is native to this ecosystem, and bird and marine habitats were created to minimize human impact on the new habitat.

Piers 2 through 5 are currently under construction. They will add sports fields, recreation courts, boat access, more natural habitats, picnic areas, and much, much more. To learn the details and stay up to date on the construction timeline, visit the park’s website.

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