Greensprings Natural Cemetery


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Greensprings is a natural cemetery in New York State. Their mission is to offer a lasting legacy of stewardship. Their goals are to provide a commonsense, traditional, sustainable alternative to contemporary burial. Natural Burial offers you the opportunity to give something back to the land. Your burial at Greensprings will help create a legacy of enduring stewardship and renewal, a legacy that provides a place of peace and beauty for generations to come.

Greensprings will provides families with the opportunity to learn about the land and to take personal pride in helping to restore the land that will be their eternal home. While Greensprings is a cemetery, it doesn’t look like one. Instead, it looks very much like a nature preserve with trails, trees, wildflowers, and open fields of grass. Flat stone markers are still available, but they use fieldstones, unearthed as a grave is dug, then inscribed and laid flush with the earth or rough-cut stones from a local quarry.

Markers aren’t required. They encourage people to choose to have a native tree or shrub planted at Greensprings. They believe that the enduring and literal gift that each of us makes through burial here is in sustaining and renewing the earth so that our children and theirs may find here the natural beauty that we all love so well.

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