Mast Brothers Chocolate


Tuesday - Sunday: Noon - 7pm


Mast Brothers Chocolates operates in a 3,000 square-foot bean-to-bar factory in Williamsburg. Run by three brothers, the company crafts rich, single origin chocolate treats that are at least 70 percent cacao and reflect the brothers’ tastes. The chocolate bars come in beautifully designed paper wrappers, and there are about 10 flavors ranging from chocolate with almonds and sea salt to dried cranberries to salt and pepper. An in-house pastry chef constantly whips up new sweet treats for guests to try. All of their cacao comes from small farms inĀ Ecuador, Madagascar, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. Recently, the brothers sailed to the DR to learn more about their farmers and form a deeper relationship.

You can find Mast Brothers Chocolate at various locations throughout the city or you can purchase treats directly from their website.

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