Mercer Playground


Open daily from dawn to dusk.


(212) 777-3232


Located in Greenwich Village, Mercer Playground is a slender, mostly paved, play space that is unique in that it offers kids a place to skate, cycle, and scooter safely away from both taxis and pedestrians. Architect Peter Wormser, an LMNO(P) member, developed the design concept, which provides play spaces for pre-teens. Features include a long snaked path for in-line and roller skating, a large paved path for running games and bicycling, climbing structures, and a spray shower. A decorative wrought-iron fence, adorned with spirals and silhouettes of familiar objects, unites the three sections of Mercer Playground. The community can be justifiably proud in knowing that, together, they made their own backyard.

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