Prospect Park Bandshell


June to August




The Prospect Park Bandshell is about as green as a concert venue can get — it’s outside! The Bandshell is located on the Park Slope side of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, close to the 9th Street entrance, and it’s most know for hosting the Celebrate Brooklyn Performing Arts Festival. From June through August, BRIC Arts Media brings an array of musical performers to the outdoor stage every weekend — all for free! The “lawn” seats 5,000 people, but don’t fret if you’re not there early enough to get in. The only thing separating the designated lawn from the rest of the park is a flimsy little fence, which means you can set up camp outside the perimeter and still enjoy the show. Past performers include Norah Jones, The Roots, Sonic Youth, David Byrne, Deerhoof, and many, many more.

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