Sustainable NYC


Winter Hours: Daily, 9am to 10pm


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“Green” is the only word you need to describe Sustainable NYC. From all-natural toiletries and organic baby blankets to non-toxic cleaners and recycled clothing, Sustainable NYC sells everything you need to live a greener lifestyle. All of their products are either local, organic, recycled, fair trade, repurposed, biodegradable, or produced with alternative energy. The 1,300 square foot store is built from 300-year old reclaimed timber, and all of the furniture and fixtures are recycled and for sale. The wall paper and paint are eco-friendly, the outdoor sign is solar powered, and they use alternative energy electricity. They also have an in-house cafe, Ciao For Now, that serves organic coffee and all-natural baked goods. If every store was as fabulously green as Sustainable NYC, the world would be a much better place.

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