Tri-State Biodiesel


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Tri-State Biodiesel (TSB) collects used cooking oil from restaurants across the New York Metro area for processing into biodiesel, which has approximately 90 percent less emissions than conventional diesel. By converting local waste into a local alternative fuel product, the company seeks to reduce dependence on petroleum-based oil and contribute to cleaner air quality. In addition to its vehicular biodiesel fuel, TSB also produces a biodiesel blend of heating oil which reduces air pollutants by 20 percent. TSB is a true “green” company, for its business prevents local waste from entering landfills, produces a clean energy product, and maintains a localized life cycle which both starts and ends in the New York City area.

Restaurants in the New York Metro area wanting to dispose of their waste oil should contact a TSB recruiting specialist to discuss arrangements. Used oil pick-up service is provided both reliably and free of charge. Contact: [email protected]

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