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Brooklyn-based composting company Vokashi is here to clean up your kitchen waste in an easy, green, smell-free way. Founded by Vandra Thornburn, Vokashi recycles food scraps by fermenting them instead of decomposing them. Thornburn supplies bright green buckets to her customers, who fill them with their food waste along with a special bran mixture that ferments the scraps. There’s no smell, no flies, no worms, and the result is the same: less trash and fresh fertilizer. Once a customer’s bucket is full, Thornburn picks it up and leaves a clean bucket. The full buckets rest for about two weeks at Thorburn’s home to finish fermenting. Then, customers can opt to keep the fertilizer for home use or Thorburn will transport it to East New York Farms.

Operation costs are low, which makes the service extremely affordable. For one apartment, it costs $40 a month, which includes the bran mixture and two buckets, plus an initial deposit of $15. The costs decrease if multiple apartments from the same building participate: $30 each a month for two to nine apartments or $20 for ten or more.

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