The One Lip Wonder from Fleur & Bee is the ultimate stocking stuffer and thoughtful gift for the eco-friendly person in your life. This amazing lip balm is vegan and cruelty-free. It’s made from plant stem cells and the results are proven. In other words, it’s a real wonder.

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In one study, 90% of people surveyed said their lips were smoother after using the balm for two weeks. After four weeks, participants said their lip elasticity was improved. One Lip Wonder is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The formula is made with coconut oil and plant stem cells that smooth, plump and moisturize lips.

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A circular container of a lip balm

Additionally, the balm is non-greasy and lightweight. It has no scent and gives lips a plumped, slightly glossy finish. It’s the perfect protection against the cold and it’s the first lip product to be released by vegan skincare brand Fleur & Bee.

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Most lip balms are made with petroleum, a product derived from nonrenewable oil; beeswax, which is taken from insects; and lanolin, which is taken from sheep’s wool. With mounting climate concerns due to the use of fossil fuels like oil, the bee crisis that has plant scientists fearing the worst and the general cruelty of the wool industry as a whole, a lip option that uses none of these products is a welcome addition to the world of beauty.

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One Lip Wonder vegan balm is available for purchase through Amazon and the Fleur & Bee website. With every purchase, 1% of sales will go to Days for Girls. This is a charitable organization that distributes menstrual hygiene products to women and girls who need them.

Two lips from a dark-skinned and light-skinned person of a before and after of their lips

All Fleur & Bee products are vegan and all are made using clean, renewable solar energy. With One Lip Wonder, you can actually improve the texture of your lips and help the planet and the people living on it too.

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