When you left your house this morning, did you grab your car keys or your bus pass? We certainly hope it was the latter. After all, today is the sixth annual National Dump the Pump day. Created by the American Public Transportation Association, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, ‘Dump the Pump’ day is a simple way to encourage drivers to forgo their personal metal machines and hop on public transit. But what can one day without driving do for the environment? A lot.

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By switching to public transportation for just one day, commuters can cut carbon emissions by up to 20 percent over a 20-mile commute — an amount that really adds up when thousands of drivers join the cause. Plus, with gas prices through the roof these days, you’ll save some money, too. If you’re worried about extra crowded trains and buses, fear not. Many transit authorities throughout the nation are beefing up their services today or even offering free rides. Some cities are even hosting contests with prizes for those who take transit today. Check with your local public transportation authority to find out if they are participating.

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Via Autoblog Green