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Tom van de Beek, founder of Kantoor Karavaan, describes the necessity for such a simple design: “These times of technological innovation and wireless connectivity provide us with the ultimate combination: getting back to nature and self sufficiency in terms of food and energy, and still be able to do our day to day business. In other words: we can now create the 21st-century equivalent of the Garden of Eden.” An offshoot of the Sustainsville project, whereby an entire community of treehouse offices will be built throughout the Netherlands, this version will move to carefully-curated spots around the country.

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To access the offices, locals take public transportation to the train station nearest the site and are picked up by bicycle for the final jaunt to the 35-office park. With a campsite nearby, one could opt to stay there to work for however many days of respite is needed. Gaining even more appeal, each of the offices are equipped with solar-powered coffee machines, as well as Wi-Fi.

“It’s a very effective remedy to reduce stress or avoid burn-outs. Compared to your typical office our concept, it gives you plenty of space, much needed silence, and ultimate freedom,” says van de Beek. Does the idea of reading this article or checking your email from a serene spot in the woods, away from street sounds and the aromas of your communal office break room, sound especially inviting? Let’s take a page out of the Kantoor Karavaan book and create more places where productivity and peacefulness are in perfect balance.

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