You’re running late for work and your iPhone battery is low (again), but you can’t for the life of you locate your stupid charger. And anyway, the thing is so frayed it’s bound to cause an electric shock. If this sounds familiar to you, then check out Native Union’s KEY cable. We spotted this brilliant product at Designjunction during New York Design Week, and it’s so affordable, we thought everyone should know about it. Details after the jump.

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So what makes the KEY cable so special? Well, it’s a key chain, and a nice, modern looking one that you can feel proud to carry around, and it doubles as an iPhone charger. Why didn’t we think of that? The cable is short enough that it will fit in your pocket, but long enough to connect your phone to your laptop or any other micro USB charging device, and it won’t disintegrate anytime soon because it’s made of durable TPE and long-lasting nylon material.

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You’re probably thinking this gadget will cost you a fortune, right? Not so. For just $30, you can carry your iPhone charging cable in your pocket and never lose it, since it’s attached to your precious keys. The KEY cable comes in three different colors. Christmas is many months away, but these would make great stocking stuffers. Just sayin’.

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