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Hydroponic gardening may seem like a complicated endeavor that requires a master’s degree in Biology, but according Antonio Scarponi, it’s not all that hard. In fact, it’s so easy, you can create an indoor garden from off-the-shelf IKEA components. Scarponi has developed a series of small to large gardens that are relatively inexpensive and only take a few tools to create. Whether you want a countertop garden, a desk garden or even a large wall garden in your living room, Scarponi’s ELIOOO DIY hydroponics manual shows you all the IKEA parts and tools you need to create one.

Scarponi wanted to show people how easy it is to build their own indoor hydroponic gardens from off-the-shelf parts. Rather than design and manufacture new parts, he figured it would be more resource-efficient to select from available products. He chose IKEA because they have stores are all over the world with durable parts that come in standard sizes for low prices. Many people currently repurpose IKEA designs to fit their lifestyle, and Scarponi hopes that readers of his manual will apply the same hacking mentality to create even better hydroponic gardens. Pre-order ELIOOO via IndiGoGo today!

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Images ©Antonio Scarponi/Conceptual Devices