British designer and maker Colin Furze has taken ice sculpting to the extreme, carving frozen blocks into smooth bike wheels! The Ice Bike may seem like an unorthodox idea, but Furze has proven that the wheels really make a difference when riding on ice or snow. The solid ice wheels really show their worth when Furze takes to extreme biking- on top of a glacier.

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A master of DIY projects, Furze tested out the durability and feasibility of making thick bicycle wheels out of ice. The wheels, which look like giant skateboard wheels, didn’t do so well on dry land. Their lack of traction, and slow misshaping as they melted, made for a truly difficult ride on pavement and up hills. But never fear- Furze found the perfect place for the Ice Bike to excel- on top of other ice!

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The key to making the ice bike is Furze’s hand-welded wheel wells, which act as a giant ice tray with steel spokes inside to attach to the bike. The well is then filled with ice cubes and water and then frozen for 12 hours. The frozen ice wheel is then drilled and fitted onto the bike.

Furze went through extensive experiments before coming up with the perfect model, which involves a super-thick wheel that is reminiscent of Flintstone car wheels. The final step cuts the edges of the wheels, shaving them down to make a better wheel shape. The crazy bike was tested out in Canada, where it moved across an ice rink and the top of a glacier with the most ease.

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