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A fun and surely labor-intensive project created from scratch in someone’s garage, this DIY design was in fact inspired by a small, orange toy car. Built with all the proper lights in place, the car’s frame is actually formed by PVC pipes and cardboard and held together with duct tape. And forget about the gas versus hybrid versus electric debate, this “car” runs completely by foot power, with a quadricycle sitting underneath all that sheen.

So look out if you see this green dream machine barreling down the street – we’re guessing the car can hit a max speed of 15 mph! We wonder if it’s also subject to all those traffic rules…


Aside from being a stroke of DIY genius, this “Porsche” is completely emissions free since it’s pedal powered. Imagine how much fuel we could save if every Porsche was even half as clean as this one.

Via 911 Nation