You may have seem some brilliant book planters on Pinterest or Tumblr and marvelled at how such a simple project can yield such beautiful results—I know I have! The folks over at Gartenkultur Studio seem to have made an art form out of it, and guess what? You can too. It’s a fun, easy project that anyone can do with just a few simple tools and some supplies from a local hardware store or garden center. If you have some old hardcover books lying around that are just aching to befilled with flora, just follow the video instructions below and you’ll have a gorgeous book planter of your very own in no time.

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Be sure to choose plants that have shallow root systems, as most books really aren’t that deep (unless you’re turning the Oxford English Dictionary into a planter). A quick web search will bring up a plethora of options for you to choose from, at which point you can go right ahead and choose the plants that would suit both your home and the book planter well. An old Nietzsche book would be perfect for a cactus, wouldn’t it? Or maybe some bergamot in an Oscar Wilde tome? How about some thyme or mint in a cookbook?


Whatever type of greenery you choose to cultivate, these gorgeous planters can transform any space into a garden of verse.

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