An innovative beehive design by Gaia Bees helps fight colony collapse disorder while creating habitats that more closely resemble how bees live in nature. This DIY hive may not be designed for easy honey collection the way most modern hives are, but it does provide a safer, healthier environment for the insects to live in — and with bee die-offs at record levels in recent years, they need all the help they can get.

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The hive is created by hollowing out a log, attaching wooden access doors on each side, and boring entry holes in the wood for the bees to come and go. Though the video below shows the log being hollowed out using a chainsaw, be careful if you decide to create one of your own. As Treehugger notes, chainsaws can be difficult to control and can lead to serious injury, so if you aren’t experienced in using one, you may want to hollow out your log using a different method.

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Once complete, the hives are inoculated with propolis to attract bees and placed high in a tree. This mimics bees’ natural preference for creating hives in protected spots off the ground, the complete opposite of how most beekeepers structure their colonies. According to Permaculture Magazine, log hives have been used for thousands of years, with the earliest recorded example found in Switzerland dating back to 3,380 BC.

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