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NativeCast’s biodegradable boxes provide everything you need to create your own indoor garden. The boxes are shaped like hearts, squares, and round shapes, and inside you’ll find a cement compound, fertilized dirt, a stirring spoon, seeds, and directions for making your own planter.

The first step is to wet the mold box, then the cement pack, which is made from natural sand, coniferous mulch, clam shells and recycled plastic and paving material.  Press the wet cement mix inside the lining of the box, then let it dry for at least six hours. Once the cement is dry, you can peel away the cardboard casing.

Next it’s time to fill the hardened planter with the provided dirt and mulch, and to plant the packet of thyme seeds. Add your new handmade planter to your window garden and give it plenty of water and sunlight.

In no time, the thyme seeds will begin to sprout, and soon you’ll have your own window herb garden!

NativeCast kits are perfect for the indoor gardener who loves to get a little crafty, and they’re great DIY activities for kids, since they take children from building their own planters to growing their own plants.

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