Home winemaking has never looked so sleek. While you’re hibernating this winter, try your hand bottling the beverage yourself with Sabine Marcelis’ “House Wine” kit. Making your own signature red at home versus buying it helps reduce emissions, encourages bottle recycling, and it’s also a fun activity to do inside when the weather is less than desirable!

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Rather than holing it away in your cold basement, House Wine is designed to be seen. The Eindhoven based Marcelis created a sturdy and simple wooden base, which slides open to reveal a drawer full of wine making goodies. Inside the compartmented drawer are glass tubes, corks, a wooden mallet, funnel, and other essentials, each fitting within their own storage spaces.

On the table top of the base, sites two curved jars that have that shabby chic look of a vintage laboratory. The primary fermentation bin sits atop a brass stand, elevated above the base. When siphoning tubes are hooked up, they can be connected to glass bottles that will sit on the base. The bottles are gently filled as the contents ferment, where the gases push the liquid through the tubes. Tools for corking are then withdrawn from the drawer and hammered into place.

The set, which is like an adult chemistry set, beautifully displays the scientific process, in a sculptural light. Not only is the process is beautiful — and your wine can’t be any more local than in your own living room — but the best part is enjoying the fruits of your labor and keeping warm in the remainder of winter with your DIY red!

+ Sabine Marcelis

Via Treehugger