If you’re in the market for a new sofa but don’t feel like shelling out too much cash for one, then why not make your own?! Styleitchic posted the ultimate DIY guide to building very cool, recycled country sofas with used shipping pallets a while ago, and they’re super-easy to make. All you need to do is jet down to a local warehouse or waste yard where you can pick up some valuable pallets, grab a handful of screws, find yourself a few wheels, and collect a secondhand mattress or a set of pillows, and you’ll easily be on your way to having your very own upcycled sofa.

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Although the DIY instructions are published in Greek, you can just pop them into Google Translate for an easy-to-follow English version. Two pallets, an electric sander, eight wheels, comfy cushions or a mattress, a few screws, and an optional secondhand door for a headboard will beget the coolest country sofa you’ll ever build.

The options are endless: make your sofa bright and colorful, or chic and subdued, depending on where you intend to put it. Unlike a $1,000 white sofa that everyone is too afraid to sit on, these sofas are nice and hardy. They can go in the living room or outside under a shady tree, and they can be repurposed several times over if cared for properly.

Via Recycleart and Stylitchic