If you haven’t yet sorted out your dazzling decorations for the holiday season, revamp last year’s string lights with these pretty paper cube designs! This step by step tutorial from Wit and Whistle is simple, easy to follow, and perfect for DIY decorating. So instead of buying a whole new set of lights to pump up your seasonal decor, you can just recycle the ones you have by giving them an adorable, lantern-like touch with these quirky origami boxes.

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From Wit and Whistle:

“First get a string of 20 lights (use LED lights if you are worried about this being a fire hazard) and 20 square pieces of paper (I used 8.5″ x 8.5″). Then fold 20 cubes… Then poke each light into a paper cube. No glue necessary!”

In case paper sounds like a risky material to use, here’s more advice from the designer:

“Mine haven’t caught on fire, but I don’t leave them on for very long, and I don’t leave them unattended. You can always use LED lights to cut down on the fire risk, since LED lights don’t put off as much heat.”

This idea is also a great way to keep Christmas lights going post-holidays!

+ Wit and Whistle

Images courtesy of Wit and Whistle