If we didn’t have to worry about spewing carbon into the atmosphere we would probably be on a plane to Lima, Peru to see this intriguing LED installation called DJ Lights in person. The interactive art exhibit was created by Cinimod Studio for energy company Endesa’s holiday celebration and allows you to be the DJ that controls 85 inflatable LED-lit globes and their accompanying soundtrack with just your body movements! Check out the video of the lights in action after the jump.

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The exhibition has pedestal contained within an egg-shaped scaffolding structure where “DJs” can sit. Placed above the pedestal is a high-accuracy thermal tracking camera that senses your every movement. As you point and gesture, software translates your movements into LED light and sound action. The entire exhibit — inflatable LED globes, sound, stage and software — were created specifically for this installation.

Cinimod Studios is a London based firm started by architect Dominic Harris that specializes in interactive lighting, architecture and art. Their past projects have included space-age light installations in bars and cascading LED chandeliers. In DJ Lights in Peru, as the DJ controls the exhibit, passersby are allowed to walk through the LED globes during the symphony while the synth-heavy soundtrack creates an eerie accompaniment. The LED lights used in DJ Lights have the capability of showing millions of different colors and are highly energy efficient making this giant exhibit light on the grid despite its heavy visual impact.

Cinimod Studios

Via Gizmodo