Robert Riley’s XR3 is an incredible machine that is able to achieve over 125mpg on biodiesel and a whoping 225mpg in hybrid mode. With its sleek composite shell and ultra-efficient engine we were expecting to see a stratospheric price tag, however we were stunned to hear that the you can build it yourself for around $25,000! (assembly and parts not included).

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Robert Riley designed the XR3 as a three-wheeled hybrid that can be assembled using readily available parts. Weighing in at 1480 pounds, the vehicle It has a top speed of above 80mph, Its battery can take you for 40 miles on a charge, and it can be recharged by simply plugging it into a wall socket.

The XR3 is not sold as a fully assembled vehicle – instead, buyers purchase plans from the designer in the form of a DVD. According to the website, the creation of the vehicle itself is not difficult and anyone with moderate skills will be able to assemble it:

Plans enable people with common building skills to build a duplicate of the XR3 Hybrid prototype or convert their own car into a significantly more fuel-efficient vehicle. Readers will understand the factors that influence fuel economy, and learn how to make any car achieve greater fuel economy. The XR3 Hybrid gives enthusiasts and experimenters the opportunity to significantly reduce their transportation expenses and have fun doing it.

The XR3’s manual estimates its total construction cost to be around $25,000, although depending on certain choices the cost could be reduced to $7,500. Our only criticism? The DVD is windows-only.