What design do you think would represent the planet Earth best if we ever got in contact with other civilizations? Designer Oskar Pernefeldt has an idea. He created a white flower-like geometric shape and placed it on a blue background, offering up an emblem that could potentially become our planet’s flag design.

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Earthlings are embarking on an increasing number of space expeditions, including one to Mars, which will be a joint effort between multiple nations and space agencies. In light of this expanding exploration, a conversation is taking place about the best design solution that could represent our civilization as a whole. Pernefeldt designed a symbol made up of seven interlocking rings, one to represent each continent on Earth, that together form a flower. The symbol is placed on a blue background.

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Created as Pernefeldt’s graduation project, the design exists as a concept proposal and there’s nothing to suggest it would eventually be adopted as an official symbol. As a point of clarity, a NASA representative told Engadget, “When we go to Mars, we will carry an American flag.” Several promotional photos show the design incorporated into space suits and in different official situations and frankly, it looks quite good. What do you think? Should this be the international flag for planet Earth?

Via Engadget

Images via Oskar Pernefeldt