Montreal-based Dodecado has created a playful set of sculptural light blocks that can be stacked to create practically any shape you can imagine. The blocks are lit by low-energy LED lights, and they snap together to form gravity-defying arches, towers, and floral shapes. Dodecado recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get the project off the ground.

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Dodecado‘s luminous building blocks are dodecahedrons (hence the name) made up of magnetic pentagonal surfaces that stick together. The average lifetime for the LEDs is around 50,000 hours and there are 15 different color combinations – so they could shine as long as it takes for users to run out of new ways of putting them together!

The team constructed the lamps using mercury-free and lead-free components and circuitry, and the blocks are shipped in recycled packaging. Dodecado’s fun and quirky lamps are perfect for restless creative hands – and they can be swapped, built and reformed to brighten up pretty much any space.

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Images via Dodecado