The Department of Energy, Google, Best Buy, Tom Tom and around 80 other companies have formed a joint venture called the GeoEVSE to create a database that helps EV and alternative fuel vehicle drivers find charging stations, repair shops, and even map a route across the country. Drivers can search for fueling stations by type (hydrogen, bioethanol, electric, natural gas), payment method, station type, and so on. The GeoEVSE database will also be available to third parties, which means it could soon be integrated into vehicle GPS systems.

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“Through this collaboration, key players from the electric vehicle and online mapping industries are coming together to ensure a consistent source of charging station location data that will allow consumers to find every charging station throughout the country,” said the DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory Project Manager Witt Sparks. Can’t wait for Google to do its thing? The DOE’s Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center already has a basic database with the locations of more than 600 EV charging stations through the Alternative Fueling Station Locator

Via Mashable