We first fell for artist and designer Dominic Wilcox last year at the Milan Furniture Fairwith his living shoe laces exhibition. But more recently, the designer has created an installation of coat hooks, recycled from old paint brushes. The fun and creative installation is part of a group show called Object Abuse, now on exhibit at London’s KK Outlet.

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The exhibition features works by artists and designers who repurpose everyday materials. The designers were challenged to create new, functional objects from other objects, using little or no additional materials.

Wilcox was walking through anart supply store and was inspired by the paint brush section. Every artist and painterat one point comes across the problem of forgetting to wash their brushes after a long day of working. They return to their studios the next day, ready to delve into work, only to find the dried brushes are hardened, and completely unusable in their new state. Wilcox made use of the common dilemma, and taking the brushes, whose bristles had become fused together with paint, and wetting them again, forcing one side to curve up and dry into a sturdy hook. Conveniently, the already have holes on their handles, making for a perfect place to affix to the wall with a screw.

The exhibition, which runs until September 25th, also features designers Michael Marriot, Max Lamb, Peter Marigold and F.A.T., and their renditions of objects such as hula hoops, for sale signs and lightbulbs. Object Abuse does not just recycle objects, but also forces the designers to come to new conclusions by interacting with the objects in their hands, and engages viewers to see objects in a new light.

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