Besides providing new great urban space for the city and commercial gallery, Piazza Garibaldi links the underground metro station and nearby Central railway station of Naples. From here the aesthetics of the striking triangular pattern of Perrault’s architecture recalls the motif of the Napoli Centrale roof dating back to 1954 and designed by the famed Italian engineer Pier Luigi Nervi.

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Piazza Garibaldi in Naples by Dominique Perrault

Inside, Piazza Garibaldi is a dynamic criss-cross underground space comprised of blinking signs, reflective surfaces and moving escalators.

What is particularly curious about Perrault’s design is that it brings natural light 40 meters below the ground level. Thanks to the various cuts and to the huge central shaft linking the piazza and metro station located beneath it, natural light penetrates all the way down to the metro tracks – it’s quite a challenging and daring idea to convey sun rays deep underground.

Piazza Garibaldi in Naples by Dominique Perrault

The Piazza Garibaldi and its visually light metal structure emerges as a huge work of art. The advanced engineering was developed by Dominique Perrault in collaboration with Bollinger + Grohmann and CESMA.

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Images courtesy of Dominique Perrault Architecture