Inspired by traditional photography, designer Dominique Vankan has created a working camera from LEGOs and duct tape! With the process of Autochrome Lumiere in mind, Vankan used everyday materials to recreate a now almost-obsolete mechanism. The images produced are gorgeously flawed, celebrating the art form of photography from the pre-Instagram era.

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Film cameras are quickly becoming relics of the past, now that digital photography has become the norm for both professional and amateur photographers. Yet people like Dominique Vankan cherish the tactility of burning light into film, and this love of tradition has inspired the designer to construct his very own old fashioned camera. Popular in the early 1900s, the cameras used during the days of Autochrome Lumiere are recognized by their accordion-style style bellows that allows the photographer to create focus and depth of field.

Vankan recreated the vintage-style parts just by folding and duct taping cardboard to a lens and Polaroid/film back. LEGO connectors hold the camera together in bright plastic hues.

The photos the camera produces are slightly warped, and they focus on a central focal point, with soft focus radiating to the edges. The effects are much like what many Instagram filters have been designed to emulate, adding a desired artistic edge to each image.

+ Domonique Vankan

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