The pizza delivery boy of the future is here, at least for Domino’s customers in Australia. Domino’s Robotic Unit, or DRU, has just joined the Aussie pizza fleet, guaranteeing hot pizza and cold drinks- without the need to tip. The four-wheeled robot prototype, designed with Marathon Targets, is programmed to self-drive from delivery to delivery without the need of a human driver.

The sleek DRU is reminiscent of the lovable robotic characters in kids’ movies, complete with front sensors that resemble an adorable robot face. Although still in its prototype stage, DRU is already capable of delivering a hot meal and cold drinks without the help of any humans. Separate sections keep pizza and soda at just the right temperatures, while on-board sensors help DRU to navigate rough, uneven, and trafficked terrain.

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Once DRU arrives, customers can retrieve their goodies with a touch of a button, then send the robot on its way, without fearing a the wrath of a cranky driver. Using the same technology as self-driving cars, DRU navigates city streets by syncing with Google Maps, avoiding obstacles and other traffic via its sensors before arriving at its programmed destination.

Domino’s hopes to soon get DRU on the streets and delivery pizza to expectant customers. The pizza company is collaborating with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to ensure the self-driving pizzabot can safely join Australian traffic.

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