In case you were worried that Donald Trump was too busy with his presidential run to be concerned about the view on his mega-luxury golf course in Scotland, fear not. The Donald is heading to the UK to battle it out in supreme court over a wind farm the country had the audacity to propose building in view of his putting green. Trump sued Scotland in 2011, claiming the country had promised not to build the wind farm, and he lost. But he isn’t giving up so easily.

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In 2006, Trump bought a chunk of land near Aberdeen, Scotland to build a luxury golf course, which was completed in 2012. But then the country decided to build a wind farm in order to generate a little clean, renewable energy 2 miles off of the coastline. Trump was not pleased. After suing Scotland and losing, he took his complaint for judicial review, but that was dismissed.

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Never one to take a hint, Trump is now appealing the lower court’s decision to the UK supreme court. Now we wait to see if that decision grants Trump his unspoiled view, or if golfers on Trump’s course will be forced to endure the sight of windmills turning. Because nothing spoils the seaside’s natural glory more than an extravagant golf cou… er, an offshore wind farm, right?

Via The Guardian

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