Plastic waste in the ocean is no joke – there are millions of tons of it out there, wreaking all kinds of havoc on sea life and the ocean’s ecology. It’s easy to feel helpless, especially since the problem has become so enormous, but there is a way that even the most land-locked citizens can help clean things up. The Ocean Cleanup Array, invented by 19-year old Boyan Slat, has proven to be a viable solution for cleaning the oceans – and that’s where you come in. Right now the Ocean Cleanup team is looking for funding to launch the project so that we can finally start removing a significant amount of plastic from the ocean, and your donation could make all the difference.


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The Ocean Cleanup Array works by anchoring a network of floating booms, which collect and process trash in a central platform. The idea received some criticism, so a year-long study was launched to determine if the idea could really work. The research shows that not only could the idea work, but the Ocean Cleanup Array could suck up half of the Pacific Garbage patch in just 10 years. Without funding, however, the problem will just continue to grow.

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Ocean Cleanup has launched a crowd funding campaign with a goal of $2,000,000 to help fund the project. Right now the project has reached 30 percent of its goal with 87 days left. So if you want to help make the ocean a safer, cleaner place for sea life and humans alike, you can make a donation here. On top of making a huge difference for the whole planet, you could also nab some fun Ocean Cleanup swag in the process, from t-shirts to an expedition to an actual garbage patch.

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Lead photo by Chris Jordan via Midway Film