Who says that the newspaper business is a dying art? Not Donna Ruff, who uses discarded pages of The New York Times for her ornately pierced pieces. The artist, who we have previously featured for her work with fire and paper, continues to explore the use of negative space with her geometric cut-outs. Delicate and lacy, the patterns are reminiscent of Arabic embellishments and calligraphy.

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Ruff’s choice of newspaper and book pages for her pieces may just be genetic. The great granddaughter of a Russian bookbinder, she was an award-winning children’s book illustrator and print maker before turning to her paper installations and cut pieces. Using unconventional techniques such as burning or cutting, Ruff draws her inspiration from sacred texts such as the Torah and Qur’an. Once the foremost technology of its time, printing is now becoming a relic of the past. Ruff’s manipulation of The New York Times and old phone books add a certain amount of pricelessness and meaning to what were once simply vehicles for written communication.

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