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Change the mood of your space for work and play with these elegant rotatable #LED suspension lamps from Brooklyn-based #populararchitecture #lights #bklyndesigns #nycxdesign #lighting #brooklyn

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Based in Downtown Brooklyn, POPA focuses on creating “simple forms with dynamic uses.” POPA director Casey Mack says that the DSU suspension light was born out of his own necessity for a 2-in-1 overhead lamp that he could use for both work and play.

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Mack’s simple but ingenious solution is lamp with pared-down parts but high functionality. Made out of Ash wood, aluminum, stainless steel, and nylon, the DSU can be rotated easily by hand to cast light in many different directions depending on the mood you want to achieve. Point the 5.5W LED light straight downwards for direct task lighting, at the wall for a bright but more diffused light, or up at the ceiling for ambient lighting. The light is also dimmable for even more versatility.

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The DSU light comes in five standards lengths (18 5/8″, 30 5/8″, 42 5/8″, 54 5/8″ and 66 5/8″) but custom lengths, finishes and LED color temperatures are available upon request. For pricing and to place an order, email POPA at [email protected].

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