Over the weekend, multiple tornadoes smashed through seven midwestern states, killing at least 17 people and injuring many more. Storms raged from Louisiana to Iowa Sunday night, bringing at least 31 twisters along with golf ball-sized hail and heavy rain. Arkansas suffered the worst with at least 16 dead after a tornado carved an 80-mile path near Little Rock.

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Nearly 18,500 people are without power in Arkansas and many homes and one school were leveled by what is likely to be rated the strongest storm to hit the country so far this year. In Baxter Springs, Kansas, 25 people were injured and about 100 buildings were destroyed by a tornado that struck at 5:45 pm last night. Just across the state border in Quapaw, Oklahoma, one person was killed and six injured by a separate twister that damaged homes and the local fire department.

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Several other tornadoes were spotted in Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri and Nebraska, though the damage was not as devastating in those areas and fortunately no confirmed deaths have been reported. The National Weather Service warns that this is not the end of storm activity and parts of Louisiana and Mississippi are on tornado watch throughout today; the extreme weather is also likely to continue through the summer.

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