A London mother’s worst nightmare came to life when she found dozens of venomous spiders crawling over a bag of newly-purchased bananas. Just as Consi Taylor was about to bite into one of the Sainsbury’s bananas, she realized that white spots she assumed were bits of mold were in fact dozens of tiny baby spiders that Taylor had the presence of mind to photograph. They turned out to be infantile Brazilian wandering spiders, which are among the world’s most deadly arachnids.

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Taylor immediately returned the bag of bananas to the Sainsbury’s store, which offered just $16 as compensation. She then sent the photo she snapped to a pest control specialist, who quickly warned her and her family to high tail it out of the infected apartment and stay away until it was properly fumigated.

Brazilian wandering spiders, also known as “banana spiders,” are no joke. Aside from being extremely venomous, the little buggers can grow to a terrifying six inch leg span. They are also known for their aggressive nature, hunting and attacking their prey. Their venom is one of the few that poses as a threat to humans if bitten, even causing death in extreme cases.

The Taylors spent several days at a hotel while their home was rid of the Brazilian wandering spiders, and Sainsbury agreed to foot the bill.

Images via Wikimedia Commons and YouTube