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The wedge-shaped glass enclosures are greenhouses that will each be a controlled environment home to different climate zones from tropical to polar. There are five total climates represented including Korea’s own temperate zone, which utilizes access to outdoors. The greenhouses flow along an organic, meandering path so as not to shade one another. As visitors walk along the green connector, they can, within minutes, peer into different corners of the globe.

A building dedicated to safeguarding the environment, it has various featuresthat reduce its footprint. Natural ventilation is used where possible based on program type or climate zone and the sloped curtain walls gather rainwater for irrigation. Most impressively, this project is, according to a restoration ecologist from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, “the newest and most ambitious innovative, and exciting ecological restoration center ever attempted…”

+ UW Madison Botany

+ Samoo Architects and Engineers

Via World Architecture News

Photos by Young Chae Park