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Although A2arquitectos kept the squash court building’s short and boxy structure, the space was majorly altered by the insertion of a 29.5-foot-long hexagonal tunnel. Measuring 6.5-feet-tall, the mirrored tunnel allows children to walk inside and interact with the space; their reflections and movements become part of the kaleidoscopic experience. Light installations, such as the red band of light, add to the surreal experience.

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A bright pink room with white polka dots wraps around the hexagonal Kaleidoscope tunnel. The white circles, which are placed randomly, double as storage space, seating, and entrances to other rooms. The Kaleidoscope also comprises a star-studded bathroom and Periscope, a mezzanine space that uses different colors, textures, lights, and reflections to create a multi-sensory experience.

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