Drift-Light is a new type of self-dimming LED lightbulb that works with any regular household light switch. Mimicking the setting sun to help you sleep better, the bulb uses an internal microprocessor in place of elaborate wireless technologies to function either as a regular bulb or a soothing nightlight. While it’s already clear that LED lightbulbs are a huge boon to the environment, Saffron’s Drift-light gives you a smarter, and more affordable way to take control of your home.

The problem the creators wanted to address was the fact that blue light emitted from some energy-efficient bulbs can suppress the amount of melatonin your body produces, which has a negative impact on sleep. Drift-light solves this problem by slowly dimming over a period of 37 minutes, the length of an average sunset, to help promote relaxation and increase melatonin production. The best part is that Drift-Light has no special parts. All you have to do is screw it into any regular light socket.

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Once in place,turn the switch on and the LED bulb will glow consistently, just like a regular bulb. Flip the switch twice, and you activate Midnight Mode, which gradually dims the bulb to give you time to relax and get ready for bed. Three flips of the switch and you’ve got Moonlight Mode, which also dims the bulb but stops at a certain intensity so that Drift-Light can serve as a nightlight. Not only is this feature useful for those with children, it can also help you navigate back to your room after turning off all the other lights around the house.

Saffron’s new LED light proves that lightbulbs can be smart and environmentally-friendly. If you’re interested, you can preorder one of the bulbs for $29 on their website. There are also discounts available if you buy a 4- or 10-pack, which makes it more affordable to equip your entire house with smart lightbulbs.

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Images by Drift-Light