There are few more zealous than the Apple fan, and one such person recently got an eagle’s eye sneak preview of the company’s new ‘spaceship campus’ using a drone with a GoPro attached. The new ‘Campus 2’ building will eventually be the Cupertino-based tech giant’s headquarters but it is currently under construction with a finish date scheduled for 2016. When it’s all said and done, the circular building is expected to cover 175 acres of land and be about a mile across. Using a GoPro and a drone for low cost aerial footage, YouTuber jmcminn flew from the perimeter over the construction site to create an eight-minute video of the massive new campus as it’s being built.

While it’s still in the building stages, when it’s complete Apple’s new headquarters will be something to behold, according to the specs. The Daily Mail reports that the new facility will send cars underground and use the whole exterior of the building for green space, while providing 1,000 bikes on site for staff to get around the massive facility. The building will also feature glass walls that run its full height and slide open, as well as cafes and restaurants within. Its final appearance is supposed to be reminiscent of a flying saucer shape, and 13,000 Apple employees will work in the new space.

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Designer, Sir Norman Foster said in an interview with Architectural Record that the building was initially planned for a smaller site, but then a larger one came available so the scale of the project changed as well. “The reference point for Steve [Jobs] was always the large space on the Stanford campus – the Main Quad – which Steve knew intimately,” Sir Foster said. “He would reminisce about the time when he was young, and California was still the Fruit Bowl of the United States. It was still orchards.” As such, 80 percent of the building’s campus will be covered in trees.

Via Daily Mail

Image and video via jmcminn, YouTube