We often cover alternative cars and other vehicles for Transportation Tuesday, and while they are making advances for their respective industries, they still require some type of fuel and are resource intensive in their production, which brings their sustainability into question. So when we can feature a truly sustainable transportation alternative, we jump at the chance. Enter the Dry Leaf skateboard by Lets Evo, a sweet eco-ride that is almost entirely constructed from sustainable materials and socially responsible labor practices.


The Dry Leaf is composed of multiple layers, using innovative renewable materials at every stage. The backbone of the board is a 3-ply organic Mosso bamboo, developed by Fibra Design Sustentável. The bamboo is treated using natural processes without of toxic chemicals and is produced following fair trade criteria. Than there is the second layer, a composite of 70% natural fibers (jute, malva and curaua) and 30% post production recycled polypropylene. To topping it off is a Pupunha Veneer – another material developed by Fibra Design Sustentável. The Veneer is produced from the waste of the sustainable palm-heart industry and is another way that the dry leaf supports farmers.

The Dry Leaf was submitted to Volvo’s EcoDesign competition and was a finalist for the 2008 competition earlier this year. Their website states:

“EcoDesign systematically brings ecological factors into play at the earliest stages of the product planning, development and design process. This ensures environmental factors are considered alongside classic product development criteria such as profitability, safety, dependability, ergonomics, technical feasibility and, of course, aesthetics… Good design is one of the keys to bringing together ecology and the economy.”

It is really great to see a company that is taking not just sustainable materials but a socially responsible stance when creating a product. Too many times it seems like design focuses upon the materials without any real benefit to the communities in which they are created.

+ Lets Evo

Via green upgrader