Hopefully most of us already have low water flow toilets installed in our homes, but what about all-in-one greywater systems? The Caroma Profile Smart Dual Flush is a 2-in-1 sink and toilet system that implements graywater recycling in a neat compact design that reduces toilet water consumption by up to 74%!

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On average, almost a third of the water we use in our homes is used for toilet systems, with older units consuming water at an alarming rate of 3-5 gallons per flush. With an integrated sink sitting atop the tank, the Profile Smart is able to reduce this number to just 1.28 gallons. The clever system reclaims the fresh water that we use to wash our hands and immediately re-directs it into the tank below ready for the next flush. Not only is this toilet a great way to be more green in our everyday – ahem – habits, but also a way to free up some more space in our cramped bathrooms.

While at the moment Profile Smarts can only be found in Australia, they are anticipated to make their debut in US stores by the year’s end. As far as we can tell, these could be the next wave in water efficient toilets that we’ll be resting our environmentally conscious bottoms on.

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