As if having the tallest and most expensive skyscraper in the world wasn’t enough, Dubai has shown its decadence once again by building an ice lounge right in the middle of the desert. The Chillout Café looks as if it were lifted right out of Sweden or Quebec, with couches, chandeliers, and even glasses made from ice. The carved-ice café hits about 21 degrees Fahrenheit, and it offers designer winter gear for its patrons to keep warm while the city blazes at 95° F outside.

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Owned by the UAE’s Sharaf Group, The Chillout Café is decked from floor to ceiling with ice accoutrements—all steadily, and expensively, refrigerated twenty four hours a day.  An ice room in the desert is no surprise for the city of Dubai, which is no stranger to over the top luxury, and energy usage, with its indoor ski slope, soaringly expensive Burj Khalifa, man-made palm-shaped island, and endless luxury shopping.

For around $17, visitors can escape the desert heat for 40 minutes inside the sub-zero café. Guests are given an armor of winter wear to put over their desert-appropriate clothing like thermal jackets, winter boots and fur hats. For just over a half hour, they can play in the arctic experience, cozying up on the fur-covered ice furniture underneath the glow of neon lights shining through the carved ice surfaces around the café. The cover charge includes one mocktail that comes in an ice glass, but other food and drink are also available for order.

Is the Chillout Café just another example of Dubai’s overindulgence, or is it a creative tourist experience?

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