For those New Yorkers who look forward to the first Thursday of each month for the DUMBO Gallery Walk, now there is even more reason to head that direction: the DUMBO archway renovation is complete! Although the archway has been open since the fall of 2008, the DUMBO Improvement District and NYC Department of Transportation recently invited pedestrians in to view the structure’s upgraded interior. Designed by Rogers Marvel Architects and Jim Conti Lighting Design, the “beautification” project introduces wooden benches, lighting, and street improvements.

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The goal of the DUMBO Improvement District has been to articulate the beauty of the existing structure in all its Beaux Arts glory, and create a stage ready for public life and community programming. We thoroughly admire the principles behind DUMBO Improvement District’s and NYC DOT’s work: re-visiting and re-vitalizing existing spaces and unveiling their potential to bring together NYC residents through thoughtfully-design public space.

The last time we saw the archway it was still under construction, but the DUMBO Improvement District was gracious enough to host a giant bubble and entertain design proposals from third-year graduate architecture students.

Cold weather is coming soon, so we suggest heading down to DUMBO for the first Thursday of October, which so happens to be October 1. Take in the view of the Manhattan Bridge and enjoy the art walk, but don’t forget to wander by to enjoy the last of the warm air in the DUMBO Archway.

+ DUMBO Improvement District

+ Roger Marvel Architects

+ Graduate architecture student designs for the DUMBO archway

DUMBO NYC via Curbed

Photos by dumbonyc via flickr