Gregory Kloehn has taken the ultimate icon of trash and transformed it into treasure. Reclaiming a dumpster and calling it his own, Kloehn turned the trash receptacle into a high-tech home complete with a toilet, a grill, a barbecue, a water tank, electricity and granite countertops. But he’s not quite finished yet — he says he’s still got to add the television and a few cushions. If you can get past the idea that you’ll probably be sleeping within three feet of your port-a-potty-like toilet (there was no mention of plumbing) this green dream just might be the small-impact space for you’ve been looking for. Watch a video tour after the jump!

“I was trying to break down what the home can be,” Kloehn said in the video tour. “What is it, what components are in it, what do you need? Is it toilet, a kitchen and a roof or is it location or is it a house that expresses yourself?,” he asked.

Kloehn seems to have taken a regular old dumpster, with a few signs of wear and tear and installed some essentials — there’s even a toaster oven installed on one wall and storage under the quite nice “kitchen” countertop.

During the day the roof raises up to reveal two rectangular windows and at night it can be cranked down to hide the windows and return the dumpster to its natural state of being — at least from the outside. Inside you’ll be cozy watching DVD’s on what we expect to be a flat screen television and cooking your dinner on a one-burner stove. Kloehn wanted to see if he could, “put everything in that a home has inside a dumpster and if I could make it nice enough where perhaps someone would like to live in it.”

It sounds like Kloehn is not planning on being the first tenant, but I’m sure he’d be open to renters if this tiny abode fits your fancy.

Via Gizmodo