The Dune Hotel is a prefab modular idea that is intended to fill urban niches and go where the action is. Emerging Brazilian Architect Guilherme de Vasconcelos wants us to take a look at those unused spaces in cities and out in the country and make them habitable. Think rooftops, empty lots, event spaces – he envisions a tourist being able to order one up for wherever they want to be. And they can even choose a plethora of sizes as the units are modular.

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The units are made from a sort of mini SIPS panel composed of an EPS thermo-acoustic isolator core and 2 tough sheets of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic). Being so lightweight, the panels go anywhere, creating habitats in difficult to reach places. They can be quickly shipped to disaster areasbut are tough enough to last years. The architect envisions them as a sort of portable hostel, open for eventsor perched on rooftops throughout cities- making them a kind of morphic dwelling. You can even buy a starter unit for your backyard and easily upgrade it to a larger size as the panels are interchangeable.

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